Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Solstice: Blessed Light Returning!

This really is a wonder-filled time of year! So many faiths celebrate holidays of light and joy, and the light is a gift that we all can share. Channukah last week with the menorah and latkes and challah with good friends. "Light one candle for hope the light never dies ...." sing Peter, Paul and Mary. December New Moon was an incredible evening of solidifying my intensions for this year, as my friends and I let go of the chaos of the Sagittarius energy surrounding us. Yule comes Monday, with the Sun King returning and Paul Winter Consort music soaring to the rafters at St. John the Divine Cathedral on WHQR. Christmas, and the promise made so long ago by the Prince of Peace. New Year's Eve is a Blue Moon - what a gift to be able to celebrate the full Light of the Goddess twice in one month. Then, Raven and Joshua's wedding to begin the New Year!

As I think about Yule and Christmas, and the symbol of returning Light, I am reminded that, at the time of year when the days are the shortest, we could have an awareness that each day lengthens, and the Light returns ever so slowly. The birth of the Light is a sure promise each year. I wish for you the awareness of the Light in your life!

One of the ways Light has come into my life this season is a new Christmas tree. The Core Sound fishermen have created a tree made from crab pots. I bought one on Ocracoke in November, and have it sitting on top of a lobster pot given to me years ago by a friend from Maine. I realized how our history impacts our perception recently. A friend looked at the tree and thought it was made from fencing. I look at the same tree and see years of crabbing on Wrightsville Beach!

So, dear friends, I wish you Light, and laughter, and joy and abundance at the Light returns!