Monday, August 23, 2010

August Corn Moon and Spinning Plates

I could write for days about how busy I am - if I only had time to write! So, in the few minutes of solitude afforded me on this Corn Moon eve, I'll skip the pity party and move on to something I think is important.
Each year as hurricane season ramps up, I spend some time in reflection about what material things are really important to me. The list has changed some since those years of evacuating my home at the beach when a storm approached - it's gotten shorter. Some things stay on it, however: the Bowen family Bible, my first edition of To Kill A Mockingbird, an angel wing shell my grandmother left me, and a few other things. This is the time of year I take stock of what really matters to me, and most of those things aren't things: they're relationships and the comfort I find in sharing my beliefs and values with the people in my life.
What matters to me are the people in my life - my two-legged, four-legged, winged, swimming, crawling and standing people in my life. One of the most important standing people in my life is the Sycamore tree that shades my patio. She has already begun dropping leaves, and as I gather them for compost, I offer gratitude to her for the shade she gave this summer, and ask her to be strong as a storm may approach.
For that's what this Corn Moon is about - gratitude as we move into the harvest season.
Be blessed,