Saturday, July 24, 2010

July's Full Blessing Moon

Tomorrow's full moon is the blessing moon, according to my calendar. It is a time to count my blessings, and to offer blessings to others.
We all know that gratitude is a state of grace for which we all strive (at least I'm sure the folks who read this blog do). I also know that I don't spend nearly enough of my day in gratitude. I complain about the heat and humidity and a thousand other vexing things every day. If I spent the same amount of time being grateful...... you get the picure. So tomorrow night, as I bathe myself and my stones in Grandmother Moon's blessed light, I will spend time in gratitude.
Years ago, I was at a retreat where I saw a nun bless a parish priest. She held his head in her hands and kissed him on both cheeks. I remember thinking, "I bet the Church won't really let her do that - priests are higher up the ladder and who is this lowly nun to do this?" I don't have a clue whether or not my thoughts were accurate according to Catholic dogma, but I do know I learned a valuable lesson that day.
I learned that we ALL can offer blessings to everyone, and those blessings are honored by Spirit. So, bless someone today.
Blessings from me to you!

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