Friday, October 8, 2010

The Pilgrimage Begins

On this, the first day of my 59th year, I promise to update this blog more frequently.

My friend Susan and I go to England and Scotland next May on a pilgrimage to sacred sites of our faith. While we've actually been planning for a while, today marks a deep spiritual shift for me in preparation for this journey. It is time to prepare spiritually, physically and emotionally for this dream come true for me.

We often hear "life is a journey," and of course I know that. However, I often get so caught up in the minutia of my day, in fear that I am/am not doing all I'm "supposed" to be doing, in the mundane, that I forget I know about the journey.

For years now I have read my Tarot cards on my birthday. Today's reading was exceptional! There was such validation that I'm on the right path (High Priestess), that I have good intuitive skills (The Hanged Man and The Star), and that so much abundance is coming my way (Ace of Cups). The Seven of Cups told me that my angels watch over me and that dreams do come true. There also were cautions for me to take better care of myself (Queen of Pentacles reversed, the Two of Pentacles, reversed), to let go of fear (Four of Swords). Perhaps most important, the 10th card was The Lovers, a reminder that I need to find balance and love within myself.
The photo is of a candled quartz - a gift from my friend Joel. She (wise old Crone stone she is) stands almost seven inches high!

Not bad lessons for a 59th birthday, I think.

Be blessed,


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  1. Deb I am so happy for you! what an awesome journey you are going to be embarking on! i feel its going to be so momentus for you, many great moments for you! hugs!