Friday, November 27, 2009

Ocracoke Gratitude

Thank you, Creator, for the blessings of this week; there have been so many. One of them has been the opportunity to watch the weather change, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Thanksgiving day really was filled with blessings -a two-hour barefoot walk in warm sand on the beach, an amazing sunset shared with a flock of mallards on the banks of the Sound, good food and great music. Of course, gratitude for the light playing on the Sound, slick cam most of the day, after rain on Wednesday night. I forget how crystal clear the sky here can be, with a million stars shining like zircons. I said goodnight to the sky and the water in waxing moon brightness.

Awoke in the middle of the night to the house rattling off its foundation as wind whipped through the thicket next door. In early morning sparkling light, whitecaps frothed the Sound as giant clouds scuttled. I went to the beach, and I was the only person as far as I could see! Too cold and windy to stay, but I'd promised I'd see Mother Ocean every day. As I write this, clouds are rolling in from the north, the wind has laid down, the whitecaps are gone, and the Sound is steel gray again. My usual breakfast mallard companions were absent this morning, but have returned this afternoon.

I wonder what it takes to earn your living in such a changing, tempermental world? The real, old Ocracokers are indeed a hardy lot.

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