Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ocracoke Scavenger Hunt/Solitude

Sunday night, as I was writing the previous entry, my sister Tracy and our friend Robin called. I glanced at the clock, realizing the Cedar Island ferry had just docked. Tracy promised they weren't on the island. Robin said that, because they were so disappointed they weren't here, they'd arranged a scavenger hunt for me. I was to go IMMEDIATELY to Howard's Pub and ask the bartender to take my picture holding a Howard's Pub napkin. He would then give me clue #2. Okay, I laughed, I'll play.

Arriving at Howard's, I was greeted by the bartender, who asked if I wanted a Guiness. I was, of course, suspicious that he knew it was my favorite beer. It still took a minute for me to look down the bar and see Tracy and Robin - great surprise! We had fun adventures shopping and eating at Jason's. They departed this morning, after arranging for a gift certificate for me at Island Gallery - thank you beach girls!

So now, in the dove gray light that blurs the line between sea, sound, and horizon, I am alone. It's time to write, read, meditate and sometimes just stare into the Pamlico Sound. I am truly blessed!
Blessing to you!

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